A Man gets a Huge Windfall with a simple little tactic that the states can’t stop!

He was living in a 400SF shanty. It was dirty and on a main drag so the traffic was always load. He worked a construction job so he had to wake up at 5 in the morning. He drove an old truck and the paint would fly off onto other cars. It was embarrassing for him. He had no money in his savings account, sometimes he wasn’t even able to get through the week.

This was what Rock bottom was for him. He was broke not only financially, mentally and spiritually too. He was at a place where he felt it couldn’t get any worse. He couldn’t get his family what they deserve. His daughter looked at him as if to ask, “Is this all there is for us in Life?” He knew he was at a place that he couldn’t go on any longer; living like that, feeling like that. He was not thriving in life, he was surviving in life. He was at a cross roads, physically and mentally.

 Something sparked inside him. He woke one day and looked at his daughter and his wife and said, “Enough is Enough!” There is no way he could go on living like this or existing like this. He made a decision to…More

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