Laid-off workers more likely to get cut a second time

Kathy English

For Kathy English, it was bad enough to get laid off the first time. Then, it happened again.

The two layoffs in the past six years have set English on a veritable employment roller coaster: Between bouts of unemployment, she’s worked several different short-term jobs and taken steep pay cuts. When she is working, she often worries about whether she will end up unemployed again.

“I think you have to be extremely strong-minded to endure these circumstances,” English said.

The good news for the approximately 12 million jobseekers out there is that the employment market is slowly improving.

The unemployment rate remains relatively high, however, meaning jobs are hard to come by. That’s left many of the millions of people who were already laid off and then found a job worried they could be unemployed again.

Their feelings are justified: Experts say that if you are laid off once, a combination of factors makes it more likely that you will be cut again. More…


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