Working in the New Age Economy – Essential Skills for Knowledge Workers

It is no secret that in the past two decades most Western economies have moved largely from manufacturing/agricultural economics to predominantly services-based economies. We are rapidly seeing, however, the emergence of the ‘New Age’ industry.

The ‘New Age’ industry is not the esoteric – it is an industry incorporating ‘experience’ and information based services including the creative industries, web-based commerce, health services, and new models of education and training.

In progressive states, ‘New Age’ industries are the fastest growing parts of the economy – organic farms and produce, life coaching, web development, specialist health services, and elearning (to name a few).

In mapping this new territory, we are likely to see many new worker roles emerge in the coming decade. For those of us who are trainers, working with ‘New Age’ companies requires different skills than in other industries such as manufacturing, retail, or financial services.

Tips and Techniques for Trainers in the ‘New Age’ Industry


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