What would you say to a 1 Million Dollar Government Retirement Lottery Ticket?


Enjoy your Retirement Days!

The US Government is so far in debt it will never get above water. So here’s the Plan:

  • Each State gets to award 1 Monthly Retirement Lottery Ticket to the Winner. (Tax Deferred)
  • Winners $1 Million will be put into a High Bearing Retirement Fund until the age of Retirement. Then monthly payments will be paid out.
  • Each Lottery Ticket is a $10 purchase.
  • Revenue from Ticket Sales minus the Winners Awards will go to pay off defect. This will continue until defect is completely paid off.
  • This should continue even after Debt is paid in full to continuously Help out Retirees and to fund the Government for further operations.

Don’t Let your Retirement Pass You By!

US Census as of 2012 was 313,914,040.

  • 1/2 of 313,914,040 = 156,957,020 Buys a $10 Ticket – Month #1.
  • Total Revenue = $1,569,570,200 minus $50,000,000 = $1,519,570,200 – Month #1
  • Total Revenue = Month #1 – $1,519,570,200 plus Month #2 – $1,519,570,200 = $3,039,140,400
  • Total Revenue = Month #1, 2 – $3,039,140,400 plus Month #3 – $1,519,570,200 = $4,558,710,600
  • Continues on month after month… 50 millionaires each month, 600 millionaires each Year!

Note: This doesn’t even include the Interest Rates on the High Bearing Retirement Fund that the Government gets.

Note: A percentage of Interest would be allowed to accumulate to help pay deferred taxes upon Retirement.

Total Revenue for only 1 Year = $18,234,842,400

Note: If Purchases are Lower or Higher Total Revenue will change.

Last thoughts: Just think, winning a Monthly Retirement Lottery Ticket and being able to Plan a simple but fruitful Retirement doing the fun you have always wanted to do!

Helping Veterans Start Businesses

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