New Study Addressing Adult Connectivity Prompts Online Marketing Needs According to

A new study reveals a significant transition among adult consumers who are growing used to being connected at all times. As a service that trains in online marketing strategies, underlines the potential of this trend.

While online marketing strategies have remained at the forefront of the advertising world for many years, suggests that the progression into digital promotions is only just beginning. As a company that provides a web-based training resource to those learning online marketing methods, is constantly focused on helping small business owners understand the value of reaching out to consumers through the Internet and mobile applications. Now—a new study featured in a recent Forbes article helps illustrate that point.

According to Forbes, “Customers are in the midst of a total mind shift. As a result of their perpetual mobile connections, their expectations have changed. They’re not interested in brand messaging or logos; they want utility and they want it now. New Forrester data shows 22 percent of U.S. online adults are far along in this shift, connecting everywhere, frequently, on multiple devices. For marketers, meeting the needs of this demanding customer base in a mobile setting is a marketing imperative.”

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