Analysis: Tough going ahead on path to Illinois pension reform

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Economy, Government & Policy News and Information on Yahoo! Finance
Analysis: Tough going ahead on path to Illinois pension reform Jun 1st 2013, 22:29
Analysis: Tough going ahead on path to Illinois pension reformAs Illinois lawmakers sift through the wreckage of a session that failed to produce major pension reform for their state, they are holding out hope that meetings in the coming days could lead to a resolution …Media files:
Illinois Governor Quinn delivers a speech at the opening ceremony of an exhibition celebrating the city of Chicago in Brussels (image/jpeg)

Anti-austerity protests: Spain, Germany, Portugal Jun 1st 2013, 21:31
Anti-austerity protests: Spain, Germany, PortugalAnti-austerity protesters on Saturday took to the streets of dozens of European cities, including Madrid, Frankfurt and Lisbon, to express their anger at government cuts they say are making the financial …Media files:
Anti-austerity protests: Spain, Germany, Portugal (image/jpeg)

Anti-austerity protests in Spain, Portugal Jun 1st 2013, 17:37
Anti-austerity protesters took to the streets of European cities including Madrid and Lisbon to express their anger at government cuts they say are making the financial crisis worse by stifling growth …

American wealth isn’t even half of what it was before the big crash Jun 1st 2013, 13:00
During the Great Recession, middle class Americans saw their personal wealth cut in half to a roughly 40-year low. So how are their finances faring now, all these years into the recovery? They’ve barely …

Euro to Rally as ECB Fails to Implement Negative Rates Jun 1st 2013, 02:28
Euro to Rally as ECB Fails to Implement Negative Rates

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Any great detective needs a flaw, and Oxel Karnhus, a private detective afflicted with Acromegaly and, well, his name, fits the bill in The Creep. The disease takes its toll on the once-handsome man–his face is exaggerated, grotesque–and Oxel is…

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Carspotters’ Challenge #61–A Sharp-Eyed Look at Dulles
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In keeping with our recent fascination with flying cars, we present here a Carspotters’ Challenge that’s related to flying. In a sense, anyway. This is the parking lot at Dulles International Airport, near Washington, in 1979. The terminal building by…

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10:01 PM PDT 5-29-2013
Yesterday here at Car Lust, the question was raised, “Where is my flying car?” Well, while at the New York International Auto Show last year, I saw an amazing something that wasn’t solar/electric or satin-finished. It didn’t have self parking…

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Customers Have Spoken: Amazon Greenlights Five Original Series
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Four senators with the same address, four friends with the same Silicon Valley dream. A kid scientist with robot helpers, an alien artist taking colorful journeys, and a whimsical fox searching for adventure. Comedy pilots Alpha House and Betas, along…

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“If this is the 21st Century, where’s my flying car?”
12:01 AM PDT 5-29-2013
We are living in the future, I’ll tell you how I know I read it in the paper fifteen years ago We’re all driving rocket ships and talking with our minds And wearing turquoise jewelry, and standing in soup lines…

Deep in the Heart of Texas: Philipp Meyer on the “The Son”
11:00 AM PDT 5-28-2013
Philipp Meyer’s 2009 debut novel, American Rust, earned numerous accolades (including a 2010 Guggenheim Fellowship) and marked him as a writer of exceptional potential. With The Son–a 150-year saga of family, oil, and power set against the birth of Texas…

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DVDs from the Vault: Westerns, Gangsters, Paramount Pictures, Cult Madness, Euro Detectives and More!
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Westerns of every type, from Hollywood product to B-pictures and their Italian cousins, ride at the head of the DVD herd this week. Chief among the releases is Criterion’s Blu-ray of 3:10 to Yuma (1957), Delmer Daves’ well-crafted, psychologically complex…

Cotton Tenants: Introducing a Lost American Treasure, Recently Found
6:00 AM PDT 5-27-2013
The following is an excerpt from novelist and short story writer Adam Haslett’s introduction to Cotton Tenants: Three Families by James Agee, with photographs by Walker Evans, which will be published by Melville House on June 4. Cotton Tenants is…

“Scatter, Adapt, and Remember”: Annalee Newitz on Her Favorite Mass Extinction, Burrowing Herbivores, and More
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An Amazon Best Book of the Month for May, Annalee Newitz’s Scatter, Adapt, and Remember: How Humans Will Survive a Mass Extinction is a fascinating and entertaining look at mass extinctions. Newitz, science journalist and editor of the science website…

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May 27 Weekly Open Thread: One Big Project
10:01 PM PDT 5-26-2013
The little Miata is over 12 years old now. And I believe it still has its original canvas top. The reasons I say that are because the top is well worn, it’s starting to split and come apart, and it…

Translation as an Act of Love: Ursula K. Le Guin and Squaring the Circle
3:00 PM PDT 5-24-2013
Acts of translation are often truly international efforts. In the case of Squaring the Circle: A Pseudotreatise of Urbogony, this is doubly true. Iconic writer Ursula K. Le Guin selected and translated 24 “Fantastic Tales” by the highly decorated Romanian…

Graphic Novel Friday: the Old Weird
9:30 AM PDT 5-24-2013
A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to hear from China Mieville, the award-winning fantastical fiction author who currently writes an offbeat series for DC Comics, Dial H. Mr. Mieville’s writing can be difficult to pin down, but he…

Car Lust
Carspotters’ Challenge #60–Cadillac Cafe
12:01 AM PDT 5-24-2013
It’s 2:40 on a sunny afternoon in the 1970s, and we’re in downtown Birmingham, Alabama, on Highland Avenue South, in a neighborhood known as “Five Points South.” The Cadillac Cafe is long out of business, but the building still stands….

The Patrón Way: A Conversation with a Marketing Pioneer
10:11 AM PDT 5-23-2013
Most people assume that Patrón tequila has been around forever. But it wasn’t until 1989 that Ilana Edelstein’s late life partner, Martin Crowley, returned from Mexico with the “liquid treasure” which he, Edelstein, and co-founder John Paul DeJoria (also co-founder…

Dick Lehr: On Whitey Bulger and the Upcoming Trial of the Century
1:08 PM PDT 5-22-2013
Today he’s known simply as WHITEY — the Boston gangster whose epic crime story has become the stuff of history. It’s not just he’s a stone-cold, hands-on killer (he faces 19 murder charges); or his longevity (he’s now 83, and…

YA Wednesday: “Gorgeous” Paul Rudnick
11:00 AM PDT 5-22-2013
As a screenwriter, Paul Rudnick has some big hit movies under his belt and now he’s put his cinematic savvy to good use in his first young adult novel that we picked as a Best Teen book of May, Gorgeous….

Car Lust
2002-2005 Ford Thunderbird
12:01 AM PDT 5-22-2013
I can’t believe we haven’t done a post on this generation of Thunderbird yet. We’ve already hit the mid-’80s version and some of the earlier gens have been mentioned here and there, but this one seems to be ripe for…

Bestselling Fantasy Author Raymond E. Feist on Thirty Years of Writing
11:31 AM PDT 5-21-2013
Not many authors can claim to have had a wide readership for thirty years, but that’s exactly the milestone fantasy writer Raymond E. Feist celebrates this year. Back in 1982, Feist wrote his first novel Magician, a story about an…

Writer’s Blues: Bill Cheng, Author of “Southern Cross the Dog”
2:00 AM PDT 5-21-2013
When eight-year-old Robert Chatham loses everything to the fast waters of the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927, he lights out across the country, a refugee seeking shelter with (and from) a Homeric cast of misfits, hucksters, and ne’er-do-wells: the ladies…

Nebula Award Winners Announced: Kim Stanley Robinson, Nancy Kress, and More
12:44 PM PDT 5-20-2013
This weekend in San Jose, California, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America announced the winners of the Nebula Award, given for excellence in SF/F. Kim Stanley Robinson’s 2312 won for best novel, confirming Omni’s prediction that Robinson was…

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