Not Just For The Paranoid Anymore

Privacy Apps And Services Are The Only Tech Companies Winning The NSA Surveillance Scandal
Once considered tools for tinfoil-hat wearing conspiracy theorists and stealthy corporate executives, software that allows you to hide your tracks online may have found its moment. Continue reading…

Google’s $5 Million Plan To Rid The Internet Of Child Porn
Kickstarter Map Reveals Regional Quirks

Apple Releases Its Spy Numbers, Too


Google’s Top-Secret Plan To Get The Entire Planet Online Revealed
Samsung Will Make An S4 That’s Twice As Fast As Before
Facebook Shares Numbers On Government Data Requests
Why We’ve Passed Peak Apple, Facebook And Google
Netflix Is Getting New Shows With Familiar Faces
Google’s Top-Secret Plan To Get The Entire Planet Online Revealed
Protest Pushes Facebook To Crack Down On Rape Content


TIM MCDONALD headshot.jpg
Intro to Google Hangouts
As someone who’s been using Google Hangouts for over 18 months, I am often asked to help people understand Hangouts. Here’s an intro to Google Hangouts. Continue reading…
EILEEN M. COLLINS headshot.jpg
Beyond the Politics: Space Exploration Is Imperative to Innovation and Inspiration
As a nation, we must put politics aside to ensure that expanding the space frontier occupies a prominent place on our national agenda. We need strategic, adequately funded and aggressively paced programs to keep America at the summits of technical innovation and exploration. Continue reading…
ZACH STAFFORD headshot.jpg
Didn’t Ask? Don’t Share
If you are under 30, have an online dating presence, and have ever opened the messages you receive online, you’ve probably encountered a d*ck pic before. Continue reading…
And Now, the Second Battle of the Internet
The worldwide digital space is in danger. We, the citizens of the world, are equally in danger. We need a better and more truly democratic multistakeholder model and we want governments to be bounded by treaties to obey international law when most needed. Continue reading…
EMRE KIZILKAYA headshot.jpg
Behind Turkey’s Viral Revolution, There Are Mad Men (Actually Women)
Wandering around the barricades near Istanbul’s Taksim Square, I kept asking myself, “How could a few ‘occupiers’ manage to mobilize millions here and beyond, in 77 provinces of Turkey and dozens of cities in the world?” Continue reading…

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